Marisa's Month 2019

For Marisa’s Mission, March is an important month – in fact, it is Marisa’s Month! March is when we celebrate Marisa’s birthday, and remember all the incredible gifts she gave to us, her family, friends, colleagues, and community. Which is why we are writing to you – part of this important community – to help us continue to make March a special one for Marisa’s Mission.

Help Us Celebrate Marisa’s Month This March

To honor Marisa’s Month, we’d like to ask that you consider partnering with us to raise awareness about Marisa’s Mission, and, to aid in our fundraising efforts that provide immediate support for local families dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

Here’s How You Can Join Us:

  • Host a Marisa’s Month day or event where part (or all!) of the proceeds go to Marisa’s Mission
  • Create a special product in honor of Marisa’s Month where a percentage of sales for that item go to Marisa’s Mission
  • Become a Marisa’s Month sponsor and help us spread the word on social media and your business website

These are our ideas, but we welcome yours, too!

Here’s How Marisa’s Mission Will Help You:

  • All partners will receive special attention on our website, along with a link to your website
  • All partners will receive special attention on our social media platforms along with links to your social media pages

Marisa’s Mission reaches more than 3,000 viewers (and growing) through our social media platforms, mostly in the Greater Boston area.

Deadline to let us know if you will be participating in Marisa’s Month is Friday, February 22nd, 2019.

We thank you for your consideration and hope you’ll join us for this wonderful event!