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Marisa’s Mission is thrilled to share that we have partnered with ShopWithScrip to raise money as part of a kickback program. From now on, when you need a gift card or even want to reload your gas or Starbucks card etc, you can purchase it through the Raise Right App and a portion of the sale will be donated back to Marisa’s Mission! All at no extra cost to you!

How to Do It:

Simply download the RaiseRight App and easily register with our enrollment code: F8BNPDZUVEPD to begin your shopping.

Countless stores are registered, and you have the option when buying a gift card to receive an eGift card or a traditional card. A percentage of the sale (decided upon the company you purchase from) will be donated back to Marisa’s Mission. It’s a win-win for all!

“Scrip is a win-win, both for scrip users and our school. It's money I normally spend- I don’t have to go out of my budget to use it. Gas, groceries, staples, and items in our monthly budget can be bought using scrip." -A ShopwithScrip User

Please reach out to Lauren at if you would like to become a corporate partner.