Become A Part of Marisa’s Miracle Workers

Marisa Miracle Workers LogoBecoming a Marisa’s Miracle Worker means you are committed to donating $1,500 or more per year to help us assist patients and their families. This amount could help patients by means of a mortgage payment, a payment for a hospital bill, child care for their children so they don’t have to watch a parent go through treatment, a special trip to make lasting memories for terminal patients etc.

You are creating stability during a very uncertain time. Quite simply, you are a miracle worker! By becoming a Marisa’s Miracle worker, you will be recognized on our website and across our platforms. 

Become a Monthly Donor

Becoming a Monthly Donor means your monthly donations will lead to a big impact. 

When an individual gets diagnosed with cancer, a whole new world begins for them. A cancer diagnosis is a whirlwind of emotions, appointments, decisions, and financial costs. A small act of setting a monthly donation to Marisa’s Mission can make a huge impact on helping patients and their families get through the toughest time in their lives.