Marisa D. Federico, former Director of National Sales at the Boston Convention Marketing Center was an extraordinary woman who left a lasting impression in all aspects of her life.

In 2013 at the age of 35, Marisa was diagnosed with stage IV, triple positive breast cancer.  Although being diagnosed with an incurable disease, Marisa persevered forward and continued to live life full of zest and enthusiasm.  Her unwavering strength shined bright everyday through her radiant smile and wonderful personality. Marisa was a true warrior who fought her battle with grace, integrity and humility.  Marisa’s eternal optimism was an inspiration to many people, including others also affected by the ramifications of a cancer diagnosis.


About Marisa's Mission

The goal of Marisa’s Mission Foundation is to keep her spirit alive, lead by her example and give anyone going through this difficult journey the hope, strength, and support needed to fight their battle against this merciless disease.

Marisa had a deep passion for helping others. She encompassed a unique quality that made everyone feel special. Since her passing in 2016, this Foundation, Marisa’s Mission was started to continue Marisa’s legacy by motivating and assisting families affected by the numerous challenges of cancer.

Our initiatives are to help patients and families lessen their stress and financial burdens. We believe all patients should have the opportunity to focus on what matters most; health and family. To accomplish this, Marisa’s Mission is committed to supporting families in the following ways:

  • Hospital visits/Parking
  • Gas
  • Travel/Lodging
  • Patient/Family support
  • Special transportation
  • Medication or Prescription
  • Copays
  • Special family trips
  • Caregiving
  • Alternative therapy
  • Home care assistance