Triple Crown Night 2020


Dear Marisa’s Mission Family,

It is with much sadness that we tell you that we have made the difficult decision to cancel our 2020 Triple Crown Night. We know that the impacts of COVID-19 are hitting home in many ways, including financially. With so many unknowns about how long this terrible virus will keep us apart from each other, and how our economy will rebound after this is all over, we feel it is best to sit this year out, and start planning optimistically for next year. Please make sure you are signed up for our Newsletter and following us on social media to Save our 2021 Triple Crown Night date – we are already working to book it! We will also be refunding all those who have already purchased 2020 tickets. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Nonprofits are being hit especially hard during this time. And while this coronavirus may have stopped us in our tracks, cancer didn’t get the memo. We still have so many people and families who need our support now more than ever. The financial impacts of a cancer diagnosis add stress and anxiety to an already devastating situation, and patients going through aggressive treatments for cancer are left at an increased risk for severe COVID-19 disease and infections. We ask you, please, if you are able to give to Marisa’s Mission, please help us ensure that our community receives the resources they need to stay in their homes, afford their treatments, and focus on what matters most: health and family.

Thank you all, and on behalf of the entire Marisa’s Mission Board we wish you health and happiness during this difficult time!